Monday, July 28, 2008

Apple and Blueberry Pie

Every so often I enjoy whipping together something's not often because time is SO limited, and when the weather is good, we try and stay outside.

The other morning before the girls woke up I made an Apple and Blueberry Pie.

The two together was divine and I created the base of the pie with almond flour and regular flour which made it slightly sweeter...hmm, YUM...

Here's what it looked like for 4 hours, and then it was gone!
See you again soon...until then, happy eating!

First flight...

We took our little girl for her first flight with daddy last week, I was supposed to post it that evening but we were invited to have wine with friends.

She absolutely loved it...and enjoyed seeing all the farms and animals from such a different perspective!

Being only 2 we weren't too sure if she's like it or even if she'd get sick...but all went well...which means next time we'll try and take the whole family up...

Here's a picture of us, I was trying to capture her facial expressions whilst the plane was bumping around at 4,000ft.