Monday, July 28, 2008

Apple and Blueberry Pie

Every so often I enjoy whipping together something's not often because time is SO limited, and when the weather is good, we try and stay outside.

The other morning before the girls woke up I made an Apple and Blueberry Pie.

The two together was divine and I created the base of the pie with almond flour and regular flour which made it slightly sweeter...hmm, YUM...

Here's what it looked like for 4 hours, and then it was gone!
See you again soon...until then, happy eating!

First flight...

We took our little girl for her first flight with daddy last week, I was supposed to post it that evening but we were invited to have wine with friends.

She absolutely loved it...and enjoyed seeing all the farms and animals from such a different perspective!

Being only 2 we weren't too sure if she's like it or even if she'd get sick...but all went well...which means next time we'll try and take the whole family up...

Here's a picture of us, I was trying to capture her facial expressions whilst the plane was bumping around at 4,000ft.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travelling through the Web...

You realise when you're desperately searching for a solution why they called the internet "The Web" get try to escape, but hours pass and you're still there.
I finally found how to publish pictures from my flickr account so everyone can see recent pics which I have painted...which can also be found and purchased at my Etsy Store:
Aaahhh...the girls are about to wake...and we'll be outside in a flash...soaking up the warmth of Summer!
T-Raaa all...until next time.

Favourite Lunch recipe...

It's funny how some days I crave certain foods...but this one has stuck. Tomatoes,avocados,a warm hard boiled egg...oil,salt and cilantro(corriander).

Tart, creamy and could add bacon to get the crisp your missing!

It's extremely nutritious and very colourful...try it, you may like it...
Not sure if I'll be back to post more today, I'm working on a new project so there could be another post later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain again...where's the Summer?

Well, it's been a while since I've visited...

I wish I could be more disciplined, and I know everyone always tells patient, the girls are young, time will come when you'll be able to do more for yourself.

We've had nothing but rain all week and our girls are going stir crazy!

But we've still managed to get a few activities in...and laughter is probably our favourite pass time.

This is one of my favourite pictures of our girls...

They have such gorgeous smiles I wish I could keep them smiling all day! Rainy days included...hey, atleast we don't have to water the lawn.

So, back to work...I have a commission which I'm excited about.

Thanks for visiting. See you soon...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's good to know that I have made a step forward in getting my work out there...there's be lots of new ideas popping up in the next little while so keep your eyes peeled...
And if anyone knows HOW to gain the traffic...please do tell!

Changing the two little girls (shown in these paintings) are starting to be such good friends...hopefully this sticks!
LOVING Etsy and the artists on it...Thanks ETSY!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trying times...

With 2 little ones about to turn 4 and 2 this weekend...some days can be very trying.
Loving them to bits is the easiest thing in the World to do...but then some days begin with neither of them listening to you...
Every now and then I look at them,pause, and thank God that they are healthy and happy girls. I think gaining their respect is all we wish for...and for them to know right from wrong.
Maybe if I lightened up and took a different approach they would listen a little better. I'll try it and let you know.

On a different note...everyone has given positive feedback to my new creations...soon to post pictures and to add to my Etsy shop... for you all to see.
This is a move in the right direction to gaining recognition amongst families to connect to more people with the hopes of becoming a well noted portrait artist.

Hey, maybe one day my dream of having my own "Hamilton Arts Centre" will come true.

Dream on baby....until next time!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

So, my Birthday is creeping up on me...and Ron has organised a Celebration of some kind...not sure where or with who, but we'll keep you posted!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A new Day...

The girls are growing up rapidly...and soon I'll be asking where did my little ones go?

I have decided to start a Blog to keep me up to date with all my "thanks throughout the day" - "love of my family" - "inspirational conversations" - "projects and to-do Lists"...
It'll be a place for me to show myself I can be organised enough to give "ME" some "ME time".

Enjoy and come back soon!